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Blogger outreach is a growing trend which can be a cost effective and powerful source of marketing, but what does it involve?

It can take many forms, the most common being a sponsored or guest post on a blogger’s site.

A guest post is one that you write and provide to the blogger, and it would usually include a do-follow backlink to a page of your choice.

A sponsored post is one that the blogger writes for you, so is usually a little more expensive, but it will appear more natural as it is written in the same style as the other content on their site. It would normally also include a do-follow backlink.

Not sure if that’s the right approach for you? There’s other options too!

You can offer a product or experience for the blogger to review on their site. I know bloggers who have had meals out at restaurants, holidays and even jewellery. As long as your service or product is up to scratch, this can be a super powerful way of reaching a new audience.

How about offering competition prizes? Again, they can be anything really, from cash and vouchers through to holidays. The blogger will be talking about your brand for the period of the competition, and as part of the competition entry – you could include clicking through to your landing page as a method of extra competition entries, or sharing on social media such as Twitter.

These are just some of the most common ways for brands and bloggers to work together to boost business.

By signing up your business to BlogSquad – you can access the database of bloggers who you feel would complement your brand or product,  and contact them. This can be done on a per contact basis or on a regular basis via a monthly fee. You can also list any blogger collaborations on the Opportunity Outpost page which allows bloggers to pitch to work with you.